Brave is Solving Cardiac Arrhythmia by

Providing 8 Features

Continous Heart Rhythm Monitoring

Comprehensive ECG/EKG recording

AI-based Arrhythmia

Machine learning based arrhythmia detection and classification

Real Time
Data Transfer

Real time EKG readings from patients to cardiologist

Safe & Secure

Cutting edge based encryption to ensure security

Mobile & Web App

Integration of native mobile and website application

Motion Artefact

Automatic activity journal logging

Automatic Emergency

Heart rate based automatic emergency


Manufactured and produced locally to be widely accesible.

High casualties and mortality

Arrhythmia has a high death rate Globally and in Indonesia

Arrhythmia is a condition where somoene has abnormal heart rythm. Three main reasons why Arrhythmia is hard to solve in Indonesia is

  • Arrhythmia is hard to be early diagnosed
  • The device is not equally distributed and expensive
  • It's impractical for both patients & cardiologists

Chief Officers Behind Brave

Meet Our Professional
Team Members

Rafi Amjadrasyid

Chief Executive Officer

Lionel Valdarant

Chief Technology Officer

Nicolaus Boby

Chief Information Officer

Girindra Mahesadzikri

Chief Operating Officer

Frequently Asked Questions About

Cardiac Arrhythmia and Brave Healthcare

What is Atrial Fibrillation or AF?

Atrial Fibrilliation is the most common type of Arrhythmia. This condition may have no symptoms, but when symptoms do appear they include palpitations, shortness of breath and fatigue.

How common is Atrial Fibrillation?

One out of people above the age of 55 has a chance having AF and the risk increased to one out of three if the person has at least one elevated risk factor which could be smoking, alcohol, high blood pressure, unhealthy body mass index.

What is Courage and with makes it difference from the other existing devices?

Courage is a Product from Brave Healthcare which is short for Continous monitoring for arrhythmia and general ECG analysis. It monitors Electrocardiography activity and it uses Artificial Intelligence to detect & classify the abnormalities and send the data to the Cardiologist in real time.

Is it hard to wear Courage?

Courage utilitizes dry electrode technology not wet electrode which means that it allow user to wear it more comfortably. User would only need to wear it like a strap around them.

When & how I should get Courage?

If you wear a smartwatch you can install a free Courage Application that analyzes the data from your smartwatch and send it to our partnered cardiologist to be further analyzed whether you need to rent a Courage or not. If you are being prescribed to wear a holter monitor by your Cardiologist you can check our product page to rent a Courage.

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